Master's Program

The Department of History gives a Master's degree education to Bartın University Social Sciences Institute. Our bachelor's degree programs are also offered to undergraduate graduates from other universities outside our university and to research assistants. History It is aimed to educate the instructor in Undergraduate Programs of the Department of History and improve the academic knowledge and skills of the students who take the program.


Introducing the Graduate Programs

Goal of the Graduate Program

The aim of the graduate program of History and Department of Social Sciences Institute of our university is;

To train specialist individuals who have the knowledge, skills, attitudes and experiences that can make history science education, teaching and high level research, critical thinking, high self-confidence and ability to follow innovations related to the field nationally and internationally. In doing so, it is also important to make a contribution to the field with a scientific attitude that is sensitive to the educational problems, contributes to the solution of these problems with a scientific understanding, participates in Atatürk's principles and revolutions, aims to learn lifelong, participates in scientific and social activities, and to educate individuals who can think creatively,
To provide graduates of the History departments of universities and other undergraduate departments of other faculties with education and research opportunities at a higher level based on the History program,
To ensure that our research staff, who will serve in our faculty,
To provide graduate education opportunities for graduates who have successfully graduated from our faculty and thus provide resources for future academic staff.